Alex Lutz, Actor, Film Director


© Photo Pascal Le Segretain

Alex Lutz has recently received the César for best actor in 2019 for his role in Guy—his second film as director and playwright. Alex lives in Orleans, a city he has adopted and keeps very close to his heart. Alex has a great talent, is a kind and warm-hearted person. The festival Cannes 1939 in Orleans will thrive also thanks to the influence of such people as him. After having led in 2016, the Molières Ceremony for France 2, he accepted to assume the role of master of ceremonies at the opening and closure with prize awards of International Festival of Cannes 1939 at the Théâtre d'Orléans.

“Only recently I have found out about this exciting and moving story. I moved to Orleans recently and this was an opportunity to show my presence in this city. I am touched by the symbolism of this event: Jean Zay created the Cannes Film Festival in 1939 to fight fascism and the end of the story is not that well known, in short he pays for it with his life.

I find that bringing out this memory and make it live is crucial in order to mirror and face our contemporary society where the freedom is constantly undermined and the ingredients of fascism come back. To show this festival as a messenger of peace, beyond the cinematic aspect—obviously fascinating—is also important. The Cannes Film Festival is what one can only dream about when one begins to be an actor or a film director, “bling-bling” aspect, photos … But this festival is also very demanding from the cinematographic point of view. I will lead the Opening Ceremony and more… as some events are still in preparation. I am proud to be in a city, where a festival that never took place will become a reality.”